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How to section is one single hub point where you will find answers to all your questions relating to your Windows phones.  You will find solutions to your common queries too as how to play casino games with your windows mobile, how many games app are there in windows store, are they free to download on your windows or do you need to buy them, make online transaction on windows mobile when playing some interesting pokies games, which online casinos are compatible with windows phone and many other such game related doubts you might have.

Besides this you will also come to know latest of windows phones, which brand company is going to launch windows phone, the best way to buy windows mobile; the specifications and features you will find in windows mobile; the screen size of your phone and the data plan you can choose to make your windows phone on the run.

Also you will understand how to upgrade your windows mobile to newer versions; which software you need to make pokies games more outstanding to play; which windows apps are for your utility and which windows app are specific for casino games and knowing to download them.

Not only this but also in how to section you will come to know easy methods to solve technical issues which you face when operating your windows mobile. Like disabling background apps,  overcome wi-fi challenges, how to install email app or other apps and uninstall them when you not need them and many other such subjects which you need to find about. All these are explained with graphics as well as even with video tutorial guides.

Now just click on any of the how to posts which you wish to understand and make things easier for your windows device.

How to add your full name to a local account on Windows 10?

In Windows 10 you can add your full name on your account as well as change account name on the sign in screen. When you set up a device with a local account you notice […]

How to get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and what are the latest subscriptions?

Lately Microsoft revealed the details of Xbox games and its the upcoming expansions of Xbox Game Pass by opening subscription pages.  Xbox Game Pass Ultimate which is now available to everyone after a period of […]

How to get your Windows product key for a Window reinstall?

Before you get to know as how to get your Windows product key, you should know what actually this key is all about. Well this key is a usually unique, alphanumeric code of any length […]

How to play real money pokies on Windows PC or Mobile in 2019?

Playing pokies on Windows PC or mobile is more convenient as Microsoft windows are simple and easy to operate anytime. You can access to the Windows casinos or pokies at once and have fun in […]

How to find free no download casinos and games to play on Windows PC?

There are many online sites that offer free games to enjoy with your Windows device. But if you are particularly looking for pokies and casino games to play on Windows PC, then do not be […]

How to find hidden files in Windows 10 and remove virus if any?

Many a times we lose a file in Windows PC and searching a file which has gone hidden becomes a bit difficult.  Here find below the steps as how to get the hidden file in […]

How to bring back the ‘close all tabs’ warning in Microsoft Edge?

When playing pokies games you open different tabs on Microsoft Edge like a page or tab for deposit options; customer support, slots games and more and you wish to close the unwanted tabs or all […]

Microgaming Supports Windows Mobile Casinos

Microgaming is aware that Windows Mobile phones are increasing in popularity. Arguably, the world’s leading online casino software developer, Microgaming has launched its first casino app that plays smoothly on Windows Mobile devices. The casino […]

INFOGRAPHIC: How to Take Great Photos Using Your Windows Phone

Are you using a Windows phone? Here’s how to Take Great Photos Using Your Windows Phone. Learn tips and tricks from this infographic. How to take best photos from your windows phone? Obviously you use […]

How to play free pokies with Windows 10 mobile or Windows PC?

It is very simple process to play free pokies with Windows 10 mobile or Windows PC. All you need is to find an online casino or a social casino game app to play free pokies. […]

How is Microsoft using its mobile strategy to enhance its windows like app for smartphones?

This year 2018 Microsoft had major decisions. Though Windows Phone was killed but Microsoft found other ways to make its way onto mobile devices. It started investing in new app called Your Phone as one […]

How to know the upcoming games on Steam with few tips and tricks for new Windows gamers

There are huge games that are available to play on your Windows PC that can be played with HTC Vive or Oculus Rift the Windows Mixed Reality. The amount of games keeps growing, with many […]

How to set up an Xbox Live account on Windows 10?

Xbox Live is an online multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery service created and operated by Microsoft. It was first made available to the Xbox system in November 2002. An updated version of the service became available for the Xbox 360 console at the system’s […]

How to get started with multiplayer in Xbox Live games on Windows 10 Desktop

If you are an ardent gamer and want to use a multiplayer for new games to play on your Windows 10 desktop or laptop then you have come to the right place. Most of the […]

How to use the Windows 10 Microsoft Store efficiently in case you are a fan of XBox games

Looking for Xbox games then Windows 10 app store or commonly known as the “Microsoft Store,” comes as standard with Windows 10, offering a handful of great apps and games based on the Universal Windows […]

How to block and report players on Xbox One- Know the Xbox Live’s reporting and blocking features

Many a times you come to meet with rude players on Xbox one. This happens specially when you are playing multiplayer games. Xbox live unlocks the full potential of Xbox One with such gaming capabilities, social […]

How to get Xbox Apps on Windows Android and take part in Party Chat?

Party chat now available in the Xbox apps for Android Windows. The Xbox apps for Android will now let you take part in party chat while on the go. Recently Microsoft rolled out party chat to […]

How is Panasonic’s Toughpad FZ-F1 Windows Phone a tough smartphone?

Panasonic launched their Toughpad FZ-F1 industrial Windows Phone in Australia. The rugged device is intended for the automobile, pharmaceuticals and the oil and gas industries, runs Windows 10 IoT Mobile Enterprise and boasts 3-in-1 capabilities combining […]

How does Microsoft Launcher and other such app work for Android phones?

Many believe that Windows mobile is now no more the choice of people and is completely dead. But Microsoft is not getting out of it’s phone business yet. With plenty of apps for iOS and […]

How to play Slots of Vegas on Windows with Bluestacks Emulator?

Slots of Vegas is a great pokies app that is available at Microsoft windows store and is compatible with only Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 phone and PC. So if you have older version of […]

How to play the best pokies games apps with Windows 10?

Playing the best pokies game with Windows 10 is simple process. All you need is to visit the Microsoft windows app store and you will be surprised to see loads of pokies apps available to […]

How to use command lines on Windows to find files and other stuff to navigate easily?

Technically every windows user knows about command prompts or command line to get quick view of the complex information in your Windows OS and get things organised. In Windows you can launch the command line […]

How to use Windows 10 Mobile’s View 3D app

Last year Microsoft released a Paint 3D for Windows 10 users on PC, tablets and Mobile. The Paint 3D App was an update to the Microsoft’s Classic Paint App with 3D features. Now with the […]

How to stop Windows 10 apps from automatically launching at startup

Many of you have downloaded lots of apps from Microsoft store on your mobile or Windows desktop and when your windows starts these apps also automatically launch. If you have lots of apps starting automatically  […]

What is CShell in Windows Mobile and how it works?

The direct answer is that C Shell unifies the desktop, tablet, phone user interface into one, meaning that the new shell on windows would basically bring the same user interface to every device that runs […]

How to stop others from changing your Windows 10 desktop wallpaper?

If you have friends around sharing your same Windows PC or your guests at home use your Windows devices and keep changing your desktop background on Windows 10 then here’s how to stop them and […]

How to enable native call recording on the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL?

Windows phones has numerous features to explore. One such feature is the ability to record phone calls. But both the OS and hardware need to be able to support recording a two-way conversation as there […]

How to transfer SMS text messages from Windows phones to Android devices?

With the coming of so many new Android smartphone devices like the Google pixel, HTC10, Sony Xperia Z 5 premium, LG G5; Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge you may be tempted to get one […]

What are the best 17 Windows phone apps for 2017?

If you are searching for the best Windows phone apps for 2017 then you have come to the right place. Here you will find the 17 such apps that are all free to download on […]

The ten best games app for Windows phone to have this year

Games are liked by all be it adults or kids. If you have a windows phone and you wish to enjoy some of the best games then here is the list of ten such games […]

How is OneNote better than Apple’s Notes App

When talking of note taking tool most of you will at once say it is the tablet that is the best. The iPad’s Notes app is a good tool for a tablet but it lacks […]

What are the best Photo Apps for Windows Phone

This is the age of selfies when it comes to mobile and smartphones. You are obviously always on the hunt of such photo apps that can give you a panoramic shot of your click. Do […]

How to know which phone is better – Windows or Android

Mobile phones have tough competition and users often debatable as which one is the best. If you have owned Blackberry or iPhone then you are fan of it. Not because the Blackberry has a qwerty […]

How do Telstra’s Windows Phone Plan Work?

Telstra Corporation Limited is Australia’s largest telecom company providing telecommunications networks and markets voice, mobile, internet access, pay television and other entertainment products and services.  Telstra has some wonderful plans to offer for Windows phones specially […]

Playing Pokies on Windows Phone? Win with These Great Tips

Step up your pokies strategy on your Windows phone. Follow these awesome tips. Most people know that you need some high level of luck to play pokies. While others think that softwares that are control online […]

How to have the Best Four Free Games at Windows 10 Phone

At Windows 10 store you will find many games apps to choose from. There are arcade style games, games from games loft, multiplayer games and much more. There are free games too and here are […]

How to Use Fitbit for Windows Mobile

Fitbit recently launched its new updated version on Windows 10 mobile. The recent update upgrades the app to version 2.8.5 which carries along a wide range of improved functions and enhanced features. This includes improved […]

Windows 10 Update: How to Customize Notifications

Microsoft has added a wide array of notifications that was included in its Windows 10 Anniversary update. The Windows 10 notifications system is arguably a work in progress with universal app notifications that show up […]

Free Slots Fun Factory Review

Do you want to experience an ultra colourful online pokies game? Here’s our review of Free Slots Fun Factory. Game Troopers’ delivers Free Slots Fun Factory on Windows mobile with a collection of Xbox achievements […]

How to Figure Out if You Should Update to Windows 10

Microsoft has offered its free Windows 10 upgrade earlier this year but expired last July. Windows users who have installed the update are already getting used to the new Microsoft OS. These are the users […]

How to have the Best 4 Weather Apps for your Windows 10 Mobile Phone

With Windows phone you can easily check whether it will snow or rain in coming days or there will be a thunderstorm or bright sunny day. One thing that is best in Windows phones is […]

How to Use Windows 10 Mobile Updated Features

It’s been quite some time since Windows 10 made its grand entrance to battle it out with Android smartphones and iPhones in the mobile arena. Today, it rolls out its series of anniversary updates which […]

How to type faster on Windows 10 Mobile- Use these 12 keyboard Tips

Keyboard is the one tool on mobile phones that is used most by all of us. When you need to text a message, write email, search on the bing or google, tweet on twitter, calculate […]

How to have the best 5 Windows Mobile Pokies games to play

Many of the windows phone owners think that they are starved when it comes to playing pokies games. But this is not so. There are many windows mobile pokies games that you can enjoy freely […]

Missing Windows 7 features in Windows 10?

Many Windows users immediately ask about features they liked in Windows 7 that have gone missing when they upgraded to Windows 10. It’s not that difficult to find substitutes for many of these, often at […]

How to create, edit and delete your contacts on Windows Phone

You have set up accounts like Google or Outlook on your Windows Phone, you will find that all the contacts or friends from those accounts will show up as contacts in your People Hub. You […]

Task Management in Windows can be better

Haven’t we all used Windows Task Manager to kill a pesky application that just hangs? Task Manager has grown task management to include disk, users and network information as well, but there are other apps […]

How to install and configure Outlook Email app for Windows Phones

One of the most common features that is used on Windows devices is Outlook. Outlook is a great way to organize all of your different email accounts and can do much more for the users […]

Continuum: Can you divorce your PC yet?

Microsoft introduced Continuum as a valiant effort to enable a user to get by with only their mobile device. The capability is supposed to enable Windows users to do everything on a single mobile device – make […]

Windows 10 gets new set of features

Microsoft is relentlessly continuing its evolution of Windows 10 and announced details of new features at its recent Build conference. The OS is due for a major upgrade, called the Anniversary Edition. Inking it Those […]

How to have the best 8 Outdoor Apps on your Windows Phone

Do you love strolling outdoors having fun with your friends, travelling to distant lands and exploring the nature and its creativity? Well, if you are an outdoor persona who owns Windows phone (though some of […]

Get help to overcome your Wi-Fi challenges

Problems with Wi-Fi can drive one up the wall. Windows seems to have unpredictable ways of handling network and connection problems. “Windows is trying to solve the problem” is an all too familiar message that […]

How to Backup and Restored Contacts on Windows Phone

When a phone dies, breaks, is lost or for some other reason is not going to be used by a person anymore, there is one thing that they are most worried about. They are afraid […]

Gain from recent Windows Edge improvements

Microsoft’s Edge browser is almost a year old. Rolled out with Windows 10, it has been a major improvement over Internet Explorer, which drove many Windows users to other browsers. A recent Windows update delivered […]

How to Disable Background Apps in Windows 10 Mobile

It has been quite a while now experiencing hands on Windows phone.  The fact is that like all of the mobile devices it too depends on battery to work smoothly.  The life of the battery […]

Windows 10 a reality for mobile phones?

Many Windows mobile phone users must be curious about what Windows 10 will do for them once it’s rolled out to their phones. To date there have been conflicting reports about when exactly users can […]

The Best Maps App on Windows Mobile

There are some people that claim they never get lost. They are convinced that they can find the way to any place on their own. These people are lucky. Most do not find it that […]

Windows 10 personalised to meet your unique needs

The Windows operating systems always allowed a degree of personalisation and the latest Windows 10 continues this tradition and includes some new settings that can be personalised. There is also a new animation effect on […]

Westpac Banking App For Windows Phone

After more than two years of promising its customers Westpac in 2015 did released mobile banking app for windows phone. This Australia-based bank offers a variety of features in the official solution and is a […]

Small business gains from Windows 10

Time has passed and the verdict is in for Windows 10’s performance in 2015. Various sources reported on its uptake, but the general consensus seems to be that Windows 10 has been installed on more than 200 […]

Windows 10 performance in 2015

According to Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft’s lead marketing executive, more than 200 million devices that have been used at least once in the past month, have Windows 10 installed. Critics are quick to point out that […]

Which Australian bank has the best app on Windows Phone?

The way that people are handling their banking needs is changing very quickly. There is no longer a need to ever step foot inside of a bank. It is not even necessary to go to […]

Favourites in different browsers and devices

Like most people using Microsoft products, my internet browser situation has become complicated using three devices – my desktop, my laptop and my smartphone. It got to the point where I had to put together […]

The Best 4 Entertaining Windows Phone Apps

Windows Mobile phones are stylish seek and look more organised and beautiful colored tiles. With so many of apps running on Android and other smartphones, windows mobile apps too are now quite popular among the […]

Does Windows 10 have a place in your business?

Businesses small and large that use Windows on their desktop and mobile devices, need to keep a constant vigil to make sure they manage their licensing and upgrades efficiently. Large enterprises especially have a challenge, […]

Windows 10 débuts on Lumia mobile phone

Much is being written about iPhone and Android when it comes to smartphones. We tend to forget that there are other good phones out there – often with new features that the leaders don’t offer […]

How to Install Find My Phone app on Windows Phone

It is happening all of the time to just about everyone. They put their smartphone down somewhere and forget about it. When they need it, they have a hard time finding it. This can be […]

You can download offline maps in Windows 10 Mobile

Are you visiting a new city or place! Obviously you need to search your location in a map. You have the internet connectivity and can easily go through the place and locate it in the […]

Windows 10 is even more playful

Microsoft is still rolling out Windows 10 and many see it more as a matter of users rolling over to Microsoft’s intentions. The rollout is accompanied by a new promotion for its Windows Store, with […]

Windows leaving us on the Edge

Microsoft continues the battle to market applications that augment Windows. Two of these, Windows Media Player and the new Edge browser, come to mind. Media players abound and so do Internet browsers, but it seems […]

How to send SMS from your computer through your Windows Phone

The use of SMS is growing at a very rapid pace. SMS stands for short message service. In other words it is the use of what is more commonly referred to as text messaging. Many […]

Windows 10 in the news

Windows 10, the latest (and free) operating system, continues to enjoy the limelight and might be heading for the record of being the most discussed O/S ever by Microsoft. A scan of this week’s highlights […]

The Windows embrace

This post is not about comparing personal computing operating systems. There must be a plethora of blogs about which OS to choose, for those who are fortunate enough to make a fresh start for whatever […]

Take a gamble with Windows

Windows takes a gamble As long as your Windows phone has a reasonable processor, a decent screen display and can connect to the Internet, you should not feel alienated from your mates who brag about […]

How to Install and Set up Tab App on Windows

Sports betting is popular around the world. The amount of money that is being wagered is staggering. The number of ways that bets can be placed on different sporting events is also growing. There was […]

Windows can play that game

  Windows of opportunity Windows has not given up the battle for the top position in providing an operating system for mobile devices. The Windows Phone operating system can be found on mobile phones such […]

Nokia Lumia 830 vs 930 review

Choosing the right phone is never an easy task. Decisions have to be made about the operating systems, size and capabilities of the phone. It has to have the right appearance and it needs to […]

How to get the new Lumia Denim update

Mobile devices and the software that they use is constantly changing. It is always a good idea to keep your device s as updated as you can. That is not always as easy as it […]

How to Follow the Footy on your Windows Mobile – Top AFL Apps

The best way to watch any Australian Football League match is live and in person. The excitem4nt of the game and the crowd is difficult to beat. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to go to […]

Does Windows 8 come with free games?

Whether you love it or hate it, Windows 8 is the system that is being used to power many new computers, tablets and smartphones. It does offer many great features and despite its drawbacks, it […]

Top 5 Xbox games in 2014

The introduction of the Xbox One has solidified this game consoles’ place at the top. Now that people have gotten this new console it is time to concentrate on the games that can be played. […]

How to Sync a Windows Phone Calendar with Outlook

Computers have been able to help people get more organized. The use of calendars on computers and smartphones has enabled people to keep track of what they have to do and when they have to […]

How to sync windows phone contacts with iPhone or Android

Choosing a new smartphone is not always easy. People can choose from Android phones, iPhones and now Windows Phones. Many people choose their new phone based on the old phone they had. The figure it […]

How to download new Windows Phone games

Windows Phones can provide a lot of entertainment. One of the things that the users of these phones enjoy is playing the games. There are a lot of different games that can be played on […]

Which Microsoft Windows Phone 7, 7.5 or 8 – Side by Side Comparison

Choosing a new phone is not easy. Even if you know whether an Apple phone an Android phone or a windows phone your job is not done. In the case of the Windows phone you need to decide if you want a Windows 7 phone, a Windows 7.5 phone or a Windows 8 phone.

Top 10 Windows Store Apps 2014

People can choose from a wide variety of apps and games that will allow them to do many things. Some of the apps cost money to get while others are free. Here is a list of the top ten apps from the Windows store. It includes the 5 best free apps and the five best paid apps.

Steps to Download Apps from your Windows Phone Marketplace

Let’s face it. Mobile phones have gotten a lot smarter. For many people they may be too smart. It can be difficult to use all of the features of the smartphones that are being used. The manuals that describe how to make these phones work can be complicated and confusing. While it may take some time to learn everything that a smartphone is capable of, it is possible to learn some of the more important things without much effort.

The Best Windows Tablet – Microsoft Tablets Review

Buying a tablet computer can be a significant investment for many people. It is important that they make the right choice. Whenever you are looking for a computer device it is important to take a few things in to consideration to find the best PC tablet.

How you can get a Microsoft Windows Store Gift Card in Australia

One of the great things about the Microsoft Windows App stores is the amount of available apps that they have. Some of the apps are free while others are paid for apps. In order to get any app from the Windows App Store, an individual will have to create an account. This is easy to do and can be done from your mobile device. This account will allow the owner of the account to get the free apps, but it will not allow them to get paid apps. In order to do that, an individual will have to have some way to fund the account.