How to Disable Background Apps in Windows 10 Mobile

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It has been quite a while now experiencing hands on Windows phone.  The fact is that like all of the mobile devices it too depends on battery to work smoothly.  The life of the battery depends upon how you use the phone, how often you check your email and turn on the apps or ask for something from Cortana and Siri.

Most of the battery start to end often when you install an app with a third party application. The best solution to  control over these runaway apps is to turn off some apps running in the background.

As you know you can access to the Battery Saver feature in Windows Phone 8.1 and in Windows 10. The Battery Saver helps you turn off non-essential apps when your battery starts going low. With the following easy to do steps you can do it quite easily and disable the background apps

First go to Settings, Select System and move to Battery Saver

Windows Setting Screen

Now look for Battery Usage

Tap the text Battery use under Battery Saver. Within few seconds it will collect data and respond with the results.

Windows Mobile Battery Saver

Scrolling down the list brought forward with this result you can see information including which apps are using the most amount of power. You can also see it separated by “In use” versus Background, which is important. Like in the above picture you can see “In use” showing 81.0% of your battery

Windows Mobile Battery Use

If you will tap an app it will surface a Details option where you can go even deeper into that app’s usage. Here you can also enable or disable background usage through the Allow this app to run in the background option.

Going back to the main Battery Use page you can see a Change battery saver settings listing under the graph. Tap this to go into a master list of apps and their toggles to let them run in the background (or not) to change your background app settings.

Windows Mobile Change Battery Settings

Go through and if you see any apps that you do not need running the background feel free to disable them. Some things like Facebook, Messenger, and system files like Gestures & Touch you probably want to leave enabled.

Keep this in note that when you disable an app from running in the background the app will not update any more like if you disabled MSN Weather the Live MSN Tile stops updating.

One thing to add is that besides this you can also set your quiet hours when you are not working with your phone or at night when asleep which also helps to save Windows phone battery. With this way you can save and regulate your battery life to quite an extent when using the Windows Phone.

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