How To Sign Up At Windows Casinos?

How to Sign Up at Windows Casino

Signing up at Windows Casino is quite easy thing to do. It hardly takes few seconds to few minutes to do so. The requirement to sign up at Windows Casinos is

  • Windows PC or Windows Mobile
  • Updated web or mobile browser
  • WIFI or an Internet Connection
  • Windows Casino Site URL


  • A Decisive mind to play at the casino for free or with real money

Remember the minimum system requirements needed to play pokies on your Windows PC is

HTML5 Pokies for Windows
  1. 4GB to 8 GB of RAM: RAM also called as Random Access Memory or RAM is one of the most fundamental elements of computing. In basic terms, it is your PC’s short-term memory and acts as the building blocks that store the information needed to process and run applications. Fortunately, online casinos are not as complex and demanding as most PC games so you can get by on as little as 4GB to 8GB.
  2. 1.6 GHz Processor: The processor is the small chip that sits in your computer, and it is responsible for receiving inputs and responding with an appropriate output. The more powerful your processor, the more information and complex calculations that it can handle. As online casinos are relatively simple when it comes to computer games, they can be operated on a relatively basic 1.6 GHz processor.
  3. 1024 x 768 Minimum Screen Resolution: The quality of your screen resolution governs how clearly you can see the images of pokies or table  games on your screen. Screen resolution tells you how many pixels your screen can show horizontally and vertically, so, your screen will need to handle 1024 horizontal pixels and 768 vertical pixels as a minimum. This is by no means the highest screen resolution that you can have, but neither is it the lowest. You can get by on a lower screen resolution, but online pokies and other casino games will not be as clear and visually appealing.
  4. HTML 5:  HTML5  is an open-source technology that is built into browsers and has been tried and tested for many years. The quality of its playback is consistently fast and impressive, plus it works well on mobile and across all browsers. Moreover, developers can implement video and audio elements without the need for plug-ins, which places it at a significant advantage over Flash. In fact, HTML5 developed games will be better, faster, and more enjoyable than ever before.
  5. 512 KB/s Internet Speed: You need to have a good internet speed or a broad bandwidth to play caisno games specially the live dealer games that are streamed live from an offshore studio. Slow internet will cause lagging issues and disrupt your online casino gaming experience. As you knoe internet speed is how quickly your network can send and receive information from an external source. If your internet is weak or slow you are more likely to experience issues, which will impact your overall gaming enjoyment by freezing images for long periods of time.

You can talk with your internet provider the speed you want and the data charges that will be applicable. These days with 5 G internet services the speeds of internet are much faster.

For the best gaming experience, try to keep your PC as up to date as possible and focus on getting a fast and secure internet connection.

Here is an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide that will help you start playing your favorite pokies, Rouette, live dealer games or blackjack games in minutes on your Windows PC or Windows Mobile.

Rich Casino Windows PC
Rich Casino Windows, Mobile, Tablet

Select the online windows casino and type the casino URL on your web browser. For an example if you choose to play at Rich casino you need to type the casino URL on your Windows PC or mobile and hit enter.

The casino homepage will load in seconds.

  • On the casino homepage find the “Register” or “Sign Up” button which is usually located in the upper right screen of your desktop browser.
  • Once you click that button, you will be presented with a form that you’ll have to fill in to begin your casino registration. It will take you just a couple of minutes to complete the registration process. You need to enter few details of yours like name, email, date of birth, country and address.
  •  Finally set a user name and password to login at the Windows casino.
  • Now that you are a member of the Windows casino, you are ready to play pokies with real money of for free.
  • Real money pokies involves real money deposits at the Windows casino.
  • So simply choose the preferred payment method and deposit in AUD or Bitcoins.

It’s also important to make a deposit via your chosen banking option in order to start playing games for real money pokies or other casino games, As soon as your casino balance is filled with your deposit money, you’ll be ready to explore the games that are available in the online casino of your choice.

Some of the top windows casino to play pokies are:

  1. Slotland
  2. Rich
  3. 7 Reels
  4. Bitstarz
  5. Fair Go
  6. Superior

Which Casino Games You Can Play At Windows Casino?

Which casino games you can play at windows casino
Online Casino Games On Windows

There are several popular casino games that you can play at Windows casino. All these casino games are similar to the games that you play at land based casino.

1. Pokies Games For Windows

Pokies are the most popular games for Windows casino. Windows online casinos offer various tyoes of pokies games all powered by top brand gaming software. All these games differ in terms of reel structure, bet amount per spin, design, theme, bonus features, and more. Some of the best progressive pokies being played at Windows casino have made many punters a millionaire.

2. Blackjack Games for Windows

Blackjack is a popular card game that you can find in all land-based casinos so it was only logical that players love playing its online counterpart.

Windows blackjack comes in many shapes and sizes, so make sure to check out what types of this game are offered on the casino of your choice. This means there are hundreds of Blackjack variants to play on your Windows PC or Windows Mobile including the Blackjack progressive games.

3. Baccarat Games for Windows

Baccarat is another table game loved by punters across the globe.This simple table game aims to place a wager on the hand that you think will have a point total of nine, or the closest to nine. You may place a wager on any betting options as Player, Banker,  Banker Pair,  Player Pair,  Tie and Super Six Once all wagers have been placed and dealer announces “NO MORE BETS”, the Dealer will deal the initial two cards alternatively to the Player and Banker.

Roulette games on PC
Roulette games on PC

4. Roulette Games for Windows

Roulette is the most popular table game at Windows online casinos and usually comes in three popular variations — American, European and French. All casinos on this page feature at least two out of the three variants, so you can choose the one you like the most and enjoy watching the roulette wheel spinning.

5. Poker Games for Windows

Poker games at Windows are Video poker games such as Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild and many more. Pai Gow poker, 3 card poker, Omaha, Texas Holdem and various other poker variants are also available. Many of the poker games carry a huge jackpot to win.

Live casino on PC
Live casino on PC

6. Live games for Windows

Live games are found at live casinos at Windows Casino. These games are live Blackjack, Live roulette, live baccarat and other live table games as well as fun shows. All the live games for Windows are played against live dealers.

7. Other games for Windows

There are many other games for Windows casinos that are also very much popular. Such games are speciality games or lotto games like Keno, Bingo and more. They are usually listed under the “other games” section, so make sure to explore those as well if they are available.

At Windows Casino Is It Necessary To Download The Casino?

Superior Casino Instant or Download
Superior Casino Instant or Download

This is most important question many punters ask and the answer is straight forward. No it is absolutely not necessary to download the casino on Windows PC. You can choose between Instant Play or Download version for Windows.

Earlier it was pretty much necessary to download th whole casino suite or casino software to play the games on flash. But now as the technology is advancing and the coming of HTML 5 version of games you can access almost all real money casinos via web browsers.

However, some of them still offer users to download clients and install casinos to their Windows instead of playing directly via their browser. Therefore, there are two possible ways to play casino games, and they are via your browser or by installing the client.

Well that’s your own choice to choose the mode of playing. Instant-play casinos are convenient, as the actual number of steps you need to take to start playing the game is lower. You will skip the download and installation process and directly proceed to the games.

On the other hand, casino clients that you need to download to your Windows platform may offer you a better user interface and a more personalized experience while playing games.

The majority of Windows players prefer instant-play to clients. Because for the best and logic reason that all casinos are available via browsers these days and only a few of them offer you to download their respective clients.