Steps to Download Apps from your Windows Phone Marketplace

Let’s face it. Mobile phones have gotten a lot smarter. For many people they may be too smart. It can be difficult to use all of the features of the smartphones that are being used. The manuals that describe how to make these phones work can be complicated and confusing. While it may take some time to learn everything that a smartphone is capable of, it is possible to learn some of the more important things without much effort.

One of the most important things to know is how to download the apps that can be used on your phone. While most smartphones are similar the phones that use the windows operating systems will get their apps from the Windows marketplace. The marketplace is best designed to get the metro style apps for the Windows 8 operating system, but there are also legacy apps available for phones that use the Windows 7 operating system. These steps will focus on how to get the apps for Windows 8 and probably for the Windows 9 operating system when it becomes available.

Step 1

Go to the Metro screen of your mobile device. Once you are at this screen you will see the app store. If you are using an older Windows operating system, go directly to the app store.

Step 2

Open the app store by clicking on the tile. At the home page for the Microsoft Marketplace you will have many different options.

It will show you the top picks that are available for download. You will also see a listing of the available categories such as games, finance, entertainment and many more.

The listing will include the most popular categories or you can click on the link that allows you to see all of the apps. Once you choose a category, you can browse all of the available apps in that category.

Another option for browsing is to use the search feature. You can type in the title of apps you know about or type in words for a more general search. The marketplace will provide you with a list of apps that are related to your search.

Step 3

Check out the app that you like. Once you have found an app that interests you, you can get more information about it by clicking on the title.

This page will give you information such as the requirements for the app, how much it costs, and a description of what it does.

It will also provide you with screenshots of what the app looks like. Customer reviews of the app will help you decide if it is worth adding to your phone.

Step 4

Download and install the app. Once you have decided on an app that you want, click on the install button on the app. This will start the process.

The first time you download an app, you will have to link an email address and other information to set up an account. If you already have an account, your app will start downloading.

Step 5

The final step is done by your Microsoft phone or device. It will show the app as installing and will provide a message that the app has been installed. Once you have done this, you can find the icon for your new app and start to use it.

It is simple to install the apps on your Windows device. Learning to do it will take a short amount of time and only a little effort.