How to install and configure Outlook Email app for Windows Phones

10 Using Outlook on Windows Phones

One of the most common features that is used on Windows devices is Outlook. Outlook is a great way to organize all of your different email accounts and can do much more for the users that take the time to learn about it. Outlook email can be used on a Windows PC or a Windows mobile devices. It is a good idea to not only learn how to set up the Windows Outlook on your Windows phone, you should also take the time to learn how to use it.

The easiest time to set up the Outlook email on your Windows phone is during the initial setup of the phone. Although this is the easiest way to do it, it is not eh only time that it can be done. It is possible to install and configure the Outlook email at any time that you are using the phone.

The steps to install the app are:

  • Go to Settings, email, accounts. This will bring up a screen showing different kinds of email accounts that include Windows Live, Outlook, Yahoo mail Google mail and others.
  • Tap on add account and the Outlook. It will then ask for an outlook email address and password.
  • Enter the email and password and sign in. This will allow the Windows phone to access the Outlook account and sync any settings for the account to the phone.

The phone will now be synced to Outlook email and it will be ready to have the settings configured for the user.

  • Tap the Outlook account that has been created. This will take you to a screen to configure some of the settings.
  • Choose a name for the account. It is named Outlook by default. You can also choose when content is downloaded and how far back the email is downloaded from. Adjust these settings to the desired amount.
  • The content to sync can be selected. The choices include email, contacts calendar, and tasks.

That is all it takes to get your Outlook email on your Windows phone. The whole prices requires just a few minutes. That would make it seem like something that everyone should do. The main thing that people should as is why they need to use Outlook on their Windows Phone.

Outlook offers many advantages that make it easier and a better way to manage the emails.

  • Outlook works not only with Windows phones it works well with many other devices – It allows people to keep all of their devices synced so they have the information they need whenever they need it.
  • Outlook makes staying organized easier – It can allows for many different email accounts to be found in one place. There is no need to check multiple email addresses when you use Outlook.
  • It does more than email – It also allows for a calendar, tasks and contacts to be stored and retrieved easily.
  • Outlook offers security – It does not have the best reputation, but the reality is that Outlook is a secure way to handle emails.

If you have a Windows phone it is a god idea to make sure you know how to install and configure the Outlook email.