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Windows 10 personalised to meet your unique needs

Windows 10 personalised to meet your unique needs


The Windows operating systems always allowed a degree of personalisation and the latest Windows 10 continues this tradition and includes some new settings that can be personalised. There is also a new animation effect on elements inside of each of the setting’s sections. The “Themes” settings have been moved into the “Settings” application.

For the sake of transparency

You can enable or disable transparency for the start menu, taskbar, and action center. The “Make Start menu transparent” option will enable or disable the transparency for the start menu and will control the transparency for the taskbar and action center.

Add colour to your life

“Colors” is always a popular topic for personalisation. In Windows 10, there is the option to “Automatically pick a color from my background”. When this is enabled, Windows will analyse the background image, extract the primary colour and set it on the start menu, taskbar, and action center. In Windows 10, the tile bars are white by default, but this can be changed, although the process is a little tedious. Just go to this link for the steps.

When your screen is locked, you can choose to show a picture or slide show. Here, a new feature called “Windows spotlight”, will pull random background from the internet for your locked screen.

Windows and other apps

To personalize individual Windows 10 apps, just select the drop-down menu at the top left of the app windows and select “Settings”. Notifications about app updates, build updates, new mail and social media appear in the “Notification” panel. By default, these notifications stay for 5 seconds, but in Windows 10 this can be increased to a maximum of five minutes.

On time, anywhere

Setting the time and date in previous versions of Windows could only be done using the Control Panel. Now, all the date and time settings have been consolidated under “Settings” and you can access any time and date related setting from there. The Automatic Time Zone feature will change the standard time by tracking a change in your location.

These personalization settings are a drop in the ocean, but if you have the time there are many more to explore. The trick is to select the ones that really add value to your life.


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