How to transfer photos from your iOS Mobile to Windows 10?

Windows PC

Windows PC is more popular than any PCs and many of us have this at home or at office. Also iOS fans either have Apple PC or Apple iPhone or iPad. When it comes to transferring data or files such as photos or videos from iPhone to Windows PC or Windows laptop, then it’s not a big deal as you can learn as how to import them in easy step to step guide as given below.

Import iPhone photos using Photos

Windows 10 includes several new apps you won’t find in older versions, such as Photos. You’ll find this in the Start menu.

You can launch Photos now, and to connect your iPhone to it you can do so via its USB cable to your PC or laptop.

Once done your phone screen  will have a pop up message and it should be asking for permission to allow Windows to access photos and videos. Alternatively it may ask you to tap ‘Trust this computer’ or ‘Don’t trust’. So to get going you need to grant that permission.

Now, in Photos on Windows 10, look for the Import button in the top-right corner.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to windows

Next click on it and select which device from which to import photos. Your phone will be scanned for photos and videos from the Camera Roll and other albums. This could take a while if you have  lots of photos.

After the scan is finished, the total number of photos and videos will be shown along with the option to Continue. Now to import all the photos, click on Continue.

Also you can click ‘Unselect all’ and then choose one or more photos to import. For this you need to scroll through the photos to find the link for each month, and can then select or deselect your photos and videos manually.

Phtotos from iPhone

After clicking on the Continue button, you’re shown options to choose where to save the photos usually it’s the default Pictures folder. Or you can create any other folder name if you want. There’s also a tick box you can use to delete the selected photos and videos from your iPhone to free up space.

Finally click Import and the photos and videos will be transferred across to your PC or laptop.

Import iPhone photos via File Explorer

File Explorer

This is easy method to drag and drop files. First launch File Explorer in Windows 10 either from the Start menu or by pressing the Windows key and ‘E’ together.

Again your phone should be connected via its USB cable and, as in the previous method, tap on Allow or Trust when prompted on your iPhone screen. Until you do this, it won’t show up in File Explorer.

Now click on Apple iPhone in File Explorer, then on the Internal Storage drive that appears and finally on the sole DCIM folder.

You will find one or more folders which contain all the photos and videos you’ve taken on your phone, labelled 100APPLE, 101APPLE, 102APPLE and so on.

If you want to import everything, just click on the Home tab in File Explorer, the on Select All on the right-hand side.  If you prefer keyboard shortcuts, hit Ctrl-A then Ctrl-C.

Now click Copy on the left in the ‘ribbon’ style menu, navigate to the folder in which you want to save the photos and click Paste (or Ctrl-V).

If you don’t want to transfer everything, then use File Explorer’s controls to select the folder, or just some photos and videos from within a folder and copy and paste them.

Transfer iPhone photos automatically

Google Photos app

Also you can consider using a cloud service that will automatically back up your photos. Note that if you use Apple’s own iCloud Photo Library it’s not free and will cost you few bucks. Better install the Google Photos app. It offers as much free storage as you need, with the caveat that photos and videos are backed up not in original quality, but as compressed ‘High’ quality versions.

Here the photos and videos are stored on Google’s servers (the cloud) and not on your PC or laptop’s hard drive. This can be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on whether you specifically want the photos on your hard drive or are happy they’re backed up and not taking up space on your hard drive.

There are other benefits to Google Photos, including the Assistant which automatically creates videos, collages and animated GIFs from your photos. You can also edit photos, share them and more.

You can even search your photos by name and it will show you every photo of that category. Also you can access your photos through any web browser by heading to and login in with your Google account. The web version includes all the same features, including editing tools.

Now try any of the above method you find easy to do and transfer your iPhone photos to Windows PC.