Windows 10 a reality for mobile phones?


Many Windows mobile phone users must be curious about what Windows 10 will do for them once it’s rolled out to their phones. To date there have been conflicting reports about when exactly users can upgrade. In Mexico, the rumour said on the 29th of February. What is clear is that not all Windows mobile phones will qualify for the upgrade. Users of Windows mobile 8.1 (running a phone with the Denim update) and owners of Lumia 950 and 950XL devices will definitely qualify.

The bottom line is that more than a third of modern U.S. Windows Phones are probably not eligible for a Windows 10 upgrade.The Microsoft situation is a stark contrast to competitors like Apple. Their latest operating system can be loaded on many previous versions of iPhones, which should please iPhone fans. Microsoft did state that a Windows 10 version is coming for older phones, so they clearly recognized that they need to close this gap.

What’s in it for me?

So what’s in it for Windows mobile phone users? The upgrade notification boasts “hundreds of improved features, new Office apps that work seamlessly across your Windows 10 devices and more.” Getting things to work across devices is part of Microsoft’s strategy to offer users a seamless experience, no matter what device they’re using. This is not a bad strategy. Key improvements include increased stability, increased GPS reliability and improved call audio quality.

There are brand new features

Some things are brand new. “I’m running late,” is an option that now appears next to the “Snooze” and “Dismiss” options that are already there. Also, a small icon is displayed indicating the number of missed calls or voicemails you’ve received since you last accessed the phone app. You can also quickly get rid of junk email in your inbox by pressing down on a message to bring up the context menu and choosing ‘Move to Junk’.

Decision time

If Windows phone users must decide today whether it’s worth upgrading their phones to Windows 10, that decision may have been made for them. Only a small number of phone models are eligible and there is uncertainty regarding the rollout date. I hope that they find the new features enticing enough to hang in there.