The Best Maps App on Windows Mobile

There are some people that claim they never get lost. They are convinced that they can find the way to any place on their own. These people are lucky. Most do not find it that easy to get to the place they wanted. Before the creation of GPS, people would depend on paper maps. The only thing that was harder than folding the maps, was reading them. It was never easy to get to the place you wanted to if you were not familiar with the area.

That has all changed. At first it was hand-held GPS systems that could be mounted in cars. These would provide turn by turn directions. These devices had limitations. In order to keep them up to date you would have to pay for updated maps from time to time. These GPS systems were not able to take into account construction, traffic accidents and traffic delays either.

When people started getting GPS on their mobile devices, the way that maps worked changed. There were different map apps that could help you with your directions. All you had to do was to type in the destination that you wanted and the GPS would find where your phone was located and offer you directions. Not all of these apps are the same. There are some that are better than others. In order to find the best apps for Windows devices it is important to know what some of the more important features are.

  • Finding the destination – A good maps should help you find your destination. It should help you find a restaurant by the name, type of food, cost or some other factor that is important to you. You should be able to find any destination you want just by searching the app.
  • Turn by turn directions – It is good to have a voice for the turn to turn directions. That allows you to pay attention to the road while you are driving instead of looking at the map.
  • Detours – The best apps will offer detours when construction is going on. It should also be aware of traffic jams or other things that could delay your trip.
  • Estimated time of arrival – It should tell you when you will arrive at your destination. This time will be adjusted depending on how fast you are able to drive.
  • Favorites – a Good app will keep a list of your favorite destinations so that you can find them easily.
  • Automatic updates – The app should always keep itself updated on any problems or changes in the roads.

Some of the best apps for Maps for Windows Mobile devices are:

  • Google Maps – This often comes pre-loaded on the mobile device. If it doesn’t it is worth the time it takes to download. It can get you anywhere you want to go.
  • Nokia Maps – This is another application that is well designed for Windows mobile devices. It offers just about everything you would want out of an app for maps.
  • MapQuest Mobile – When it comes to getting directions using a computer, MapQuest is one of the oldest and is still one of the best. The mobile app is another example of what they do best.