How to Install Find My Phone app on Windows Phone

It is happening all of the time to just about everyone. They put their smartphone down somewhere and forget about it. When they need it, they have a hard time finding it. This can be due to several problems. They may have left it someplace they were at and did not realize it until they were long gone. The smartphone may have been taken by someone else.

The first way that people search for their phone is to call it. This only helps if they are within hearing distance of their phone and if the ringer of their phone is on. If the phone is not nearby or not within audible range, this system will not work. The only option that some people may think they have is to contact their cell phone carrier and cancel their phone while paying for a new one.

A much better option is to learn how to use the phone to help you find it. The phone will use the cloud to help either find the phone or to take steps to help protect the owner of the phone from losing their private information.

Find my phone is a very important app that should be installed and activated when the phone is first purchased. It provides that extra layer of protection and does not cost any money. It only requires a short time and effort to follow the necessary steps to use the find my phone app.

  • Make sure that the phone is signed into the Microsoft account – Make sure that you know that account the phone is signed into at all times.
  • Go to on your computer and sign in using the same account for the phone.
  • Choose the phone that you want to find. The account can have more than one phone listed on it.
  • Click on find my phone. A map will appear showing the location of the phone. It is possible to zoom in on the map if needed.

Finding the phone is only part of what can be done through this service. It is also possible to ring the phone or lock the phone when accessing this site. To make the phone ring, simply select the phone you want and press the ring option. If you want to lock the phone so no one else can use it until you unlock it, choose the phone and the lock option. A final option that is available is erase. This can erase all of the information on your phone. It is very useful if your phone is lost and you do not want anyone to get the information off of it. After you click the erase option you will have to confirm gat you really want to erase the information off of the phone. Click on this a second time and it will do the job.

The find my phone may help you to find a misplaced phone or it may just put your mind at ease knowing that no one can access your private information if you cannot find your phone. It is something that every user needs to know how to use.