Gain from recent Windows Edge improvements

Edge add-ons

Microsoft’s Edge browser is almost a year old. Rolled out with Windows 10, it has been a major improvement over Internet Explorer, which drove many Windows users to other browsers. A recent Windows update delivered major enhancements to Edge, but what’s really in it for Windows users?


Firstly, there are new extensions. Three plugins have been added (at this stage only for desktop use): Mouse Gestures, Microsoft Translator and the Reddit Enhancement Suite. You can get to extensions by selecting “More” at the top right and selecting “Get extensions”.

Microsoft Translator will automatically translate pages in over 50 different languages. Mouse Gestures enables you to bind complex actions to mouse gestures: For example, hold down the right-click button on your mouse or touchpad and activate a gesture to perform an action. Customized gestures can be bound to almost any advanced function. The Reddit Enhancement Suite provides tools to make Internet surfing more powerful. One example is the automatic loading of a subsequent web page as you get to the end of the current page.


In addition to new extensions, there are other small improvements to bring Edge in line with other browsers. You can now pin a tab, which means a tab can’t be easily moved or closed, for example if you click in the wrong place while trying to find a particular tab among many. Every time Edge is re-opened, the pinned tabs will be available. Also adding convenience, is a new “paste and go” feature that allows you to copy and launch an URL without having to actually press the Enter key.

The journey

Microsoft has planned a journey to further evolve the Edge browser. Although much better than its predecessor, it still lags behind other popular browsers. Other Edge extensions planned for later release are AdBlock, Adblock Plus, Amazon, LastPass and Evernote. Let’s hope the end of the journey is when Edge is on par and even better than its rival browsers.