How to send SMS from your computer through your Windows Phone

Send SMS Through Phone

The use of SMS is growing at a very rapid pace. SMS stands for short message service. In other words it is the use of what is more commonly referred to as text messaging. Many people use this more than they talk on the phone. It is one of the easiest and most popular form of communication in use today.

There are many people that would like to be able to receive and send the text messages utilizing their windows phone. It would save them time and make it easier to access their messages instead of always having to grab their phone. It may surprise some that this is actually possible to do. It is not even that difficult. Once a person is able to learn how to send SMS from their computer through their Windows phone they may wonder why they waited so long to take advantage of it.

There are plenty of text messaging apps and programs that can be downloaded to the computer. The problem that people have is that they want to receive the text messages that people are sending to their windows phone and they want to be able to access the contacts they have on their phone to send text messages to them. That requires getting the right app for the computer.


  • Start with the computer and phone – It will be necessary to have a computer and phone that are capable of performing this function. A PC with windows 8.1 operating system will be necessary. A windows phone is helpful, but there are apps that work with other phones as well. The phone must be capable of receiving and sending texts.
  • Find the app – In the Windows app store find an app that allows texting from the PC. One app to consider is Mysms. This app will automatically sync your phone and computer together to allow the sending and receiving of texts with the computer through the phone. It uses the phone number of the phone that is being utilized.
  • Download the app to the computer – This may require a few minutes depending on the speed to he computer and the internet provider.
  • Sync the devices – You can make sure that the phone and the computer are synced through the cloud. Once that is done, the computer is ready to receive and send texts.

Some may wonder why this is something that should be considered. When people are working on a computer, the receiving and sending of texts can be very distracting. If you can see the text and respond to them without having to pick up the phone, it can save time and aggravation.

Another advantage of texting with the PC is the use of the keyboard. The QWERTY keyboards of a phone are small and not always easy to use. The larger keyboard of a computer makes it easier to write the texts that are to be sent. It may also be possible to schedule the texts using the app that has been downloaded.

All of these things add up to using the computer to send texts through your Windows phone. It is something that everyone should consider.