Windows 10 Update: How to Customize Notifications

windows 10

Microsoft has added a wide array of notifications that was included in its Windows 10 Anniversary update. The Windows 10 notifications system is arguably a work in progress with universal app notifications that show up on your desktop, your action centre, and lock screen.

Windows can now link to your Android smartphone via the Cortana app. It can even duplicate the Android notifications on your desktop. More notification options will be available for use soon such as the function to prioritize specific apps over others.

Users might find the notifications action centre a bit confusing, Microsoft has announced that it’s still a work in progress which will benefit users in the long run. Don’t worry if you’re having a difficult time fixing your Windows 10 notifications.

Here are a handful of tips on how to deal with it:

Choose your Priority Apps

windows priority

Notifications can show up everywhere. These notifications can be a nuisance especially when you are in middle of work. All app notifications aren’t important so you need to prioritize the apps that will land in the prime action centre spot.

Open the Settings menu and go to System > Notifications & actions > Get notifications from these senders and click on the app you want to configure. Select a priority level under the priority of notifications. Apps are set to “normal” priority by default. Pick the apps that you want to label with “high” level of priority. You can also choose the number of app notifications that will be visible in the action centre.

Configure Sounds

windows sounds

Users can choose not to apply sounds to the notifications or assign a different sound for every notification. Go to the Control Panel. Turn off sounds for individual apps in the Settings menu (Settings menu > System > Notifications & actions > Get notifications from these senders > [App] > Play a sound when a notification arrives).

Right-click the Start button then open the Control Panel. Click Sound to open the Sound menu. Scroll down on the Program Events box until you see Notification. Click Notification to select it and click the drop-down menu under Sounds. Choose different notification sounds to apply to notification apps.

Adjust Privacy

windows privacy

Windows 10 could mess around with your privacy preferences. Notifications automatically appear on a lock screen which updates you even if it’s locked. It’s not a good idea though if someone snoops on your Windows phones even if it’s locked.

You can remove all notifications from the lock screen by opening the Settings menu and go to System > Notifications & actions > Notifications and turn off the toggle under Show notifications on the lock screen. Turn on the toggle under Keep notifications privates on the lock screen.

Turn Off Notifications

windows notifications

You can turn off all notifications if you simply think of them as distractions. To turn off all notifications from all apps, open the Settings menu and go to System > Notifications & actions > Notifications and turn off the toggle under Get notifications from apps and other senders.