You can download offline maps in Windows 10 Mobile

Windows 10 mobile

Are you visiting a new city or place! Obviously you need to search your location in a map. You have the internet connectivity and can easily go through the place and locate it in the map. But many times many places or locations specially travelling overseas you might have difficulty in internet connectivity in your mobile. This can cause a problem for you to find the places and locate the maps. But now on Windows 10 Mobile (and Windows Phone 8.1) you can pre-download maps if you need directions even when you’re offline.

Offline maps have been an important feature of Microsoft’s Windows Maps app since the early days of Windows Phone. It remains competitive today, letting you download entire countries at a time. Rivals like Google Maps on Android phones restrict you to small areas that only cover a single city.

Here you will with the help of simple steps find your way out and download offline maps.

First Go to Settings and select System

Windows Mobile Download Map

Then Tap Offline maps at the bottom

Now Tap Download a map

Then Select the map(s) you want to download

That’s it! You  need not have an internet connection to use Maps in the region(s) you’ve selected above. This can be very handy if you’re traveling to a new place without a local SIM card or if you want to save money on data.

Offline maps can also get updates. You can check for map updates under the same section in the settings. Tap the check now button to manually update or toggle on the option to automatically update maps. The phone will automatically update maps only when your device is plugged in and you’re not on a metered connection.

Windows Connect to Wifi

The toggle says: Maps will only be downloaded on free Wi-Fi or unlimited cellular data plans until you turn this on.  (You may incur additional charges when using metered connections.)

This simple toggle lets even average users side-load applications easily.

Hope you liked this feature!

Note that Google Maps allows you to download maps of certain areas and neighborhoods to your phone so that they can be accessed offline. It’s important to note that you will need to be connected to the Internet or WIFI in order to save these maps to your device. But once they’ve been downloaded, you’ll be able to access them anytime, whether your phone is online or offline.

There are also some limitations to keep in mind. When downloading maps for offline use, you’ll only be able to access driving directions, since transit, bicycling, and walking directions are only available online. Google updated Maps recently to support the ability to search for places and get turn-by-turn driving directions among other additions. You can also view and delete places you’ve saved by pressing the menu button and tapping the “Offline areas” option. Click here to download the maps now.