Free Slots Fun Factory Review

Do you want to experience an ultra colourful online pokies game? Here’s our review of Free Slots Fun Factory.

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Game Troopers’ delivers Free Slots Fun Factory on Windows mobile with a collection of Xbox achievements to pursue and mini-games to enhance gameplay. Free Slots Fun Factory is more of game of luck and chances than skill. It’s a newbie-friendly game that has a more scaled-down betting system compared to other pokies games. So if you decide to play this visually-entertaining game, expect to play it for quite some time because it pretty much helps you manage your budget.

Free Slots Fun Factory Farm

Online pokies fans will find this game on Windows phone and tablets and will experience the usual great gameplay that pokies offer. It gives you the option to connect your account to your Facebook user account that will allow you to send or receive gifts from your Facebook friends. You need to sign in on your Windows account to automatically add achievements to your gaming profile

The Gameplay

Free Slots Fun Factory Aztec

The colourful interface presents your gaming stats, pokies gaming options are on the centre, and gift options can be seen running along the bottom of the display. The stats show links to your other gaming achievements, a Facebook link, your experience level, and gold count. Free Slots Fun Factory includes settings options such as sound & music and notification alerts.

There are six themes for this game and you can unlock them as you increase your gaming experience. Pokies themes featured are Africa, Aztec, Roman, Farm, Billionaire, and Lucky Sevens themes. Farm-themed pokies will be your introductory game. The betting options include the options to view the game’s pay table, number of lines selections you want to wager on, your wager per line, payout, total bet, and a spin button

Gameplay starts at 1,000 gaming dollars. Wagers are small increments of $.10, $.25, $.50, and $1. The Farm pokies has the maximum of nine betting lines which makes your largest bet per spin at $9. You’ll get used to the rigid low betting limits and will benefit you in terms of managing your bets per game.

The Verdict

Free Slots Fun Factory is an ordinary mobile pokies game. The themes are the usual and nothing special. What makes it fun to play is that the graphics are colourful with crisp detail on every reel and symbol. If you just want to play a quick and easy pokies game, then give Free Slots Fun Factory a try.