How to sync windows phone contacts with iPhone or Android

Choosing a new smartphone is not always easy. People can choose from Android phones, iPhones and now Windows Phones. Many people choose their new phone based on the old phone they had. The figure it will be easier to get all of the content off of their old phone and sync it to their new phone. It6 may surprise people to find out that they can easily sync their Windows phone contacts with iPhone or Android phones. It just requires knowing the steps to take.

The key to getting the contacts on your Windows Phone to an iPhone or Android is using the right program to export the contacts and then using the right program to import the apps to the new phone.

To sync contacts to an Android Phone

  • Open the Microsoft outlook app on your phone.
  • Sign in to your Microsoft account
  • ┬áMake sure that all of your contacts are up to date
  • Install the Microsoft Outlook app on your iPhone or your Android phone
  • Open the Microsoft Outlook app and sign into the Microsoft account on that phone
  • Go through the process of setting up the email account and any other settings such as a nickname for the account
  • Click next and you will have the opportunity to sync contacts and sync calendar. These are both set to sync by default. If you do not want to sync them, you would have to deselect them.
  • The syncing process will take a few minutes to accomplish depending on how many contacts need to be transferred.

Once the syncing process is done, the list of contacts in Microsoft outlook should match the contacts found on the Android address book.

To sync Contacts to an iPhone

The process for syncing the contacts from a Windows phone to an iPhone is similar to what it took to do it to an Android phone.

  • Make sure all of your contacts are up to date in Outlook
  • On the iPhone, go to settings
  • Go to Mail, Contacts, calendar
  • Go to add account
  • Choose Outlook as the preferred service
  • Sign in to your Microsoft Outlook account
  • Add the account
  • Choose what you want to sync (Mail, Contacts, Calendar)
  • Select update all contacts

The contacts will be synced and will be found on the iPhone.

These methods are the simple way to transfer contacts from a Windows phone to an iPhone or Android phone. It is also possible to sync the contacts manually. The contacts on the Windows phone can be stored on a SD card. The SD card can be transferred to a computer and that information then can be synced directly to the phone. In order to do this it will be necessary to use a program such as Microsoft Outlook or iTunes.

Another option is turning to the cloud. It is easy to store your contacts in a cloud service. When you need to add them to a new phone, you can access them through the cloud and add them to your new phone. This is often the best way to make sure that you always have your contacts and can add them to a new phone even if you have lost your old Windows Phone.