How to Use Windows 10 Mobile Updated Features

It’s been quite some time since Windows 10 made its grand entrance to battle it out with Android smartphones and iPhones in the mobile arena. Today, it rolls out its series of anniversary updates which will definitely improve its functionality and enhance usability with its new features. New features include Continuum, improved camera functions, and a simplified notification system.

windows 10 mobile

Here’s our checklist of Windows 10 anniversary updated features:

1.) Continuum Support

Windows Continuum

Windows 10 Anniversary updates will make the Continuum feature on your Windows 10 mobile device. Users will now be able to project a second screen with their Windows 10 phone and use it as a video monitor without using a wireless adapter.

Continuum offers a smooth PC-like gaming experience; you just need to connect a keyboard and a mouse to your Windows 10 device. You can now watch a video while checking your emails using the Continuum feature. Users are allowed to browse online and view photos on a bigger screen.

2.) Enhanced Camera Features

windows mobile camera

The upgraded OS is one of the biggest updates from Windows 10. It now enables users to access the camera button just by hitting the button on the right of the screen. Windows 10 now features a panorama mode that enables users to take photos with a broader angle. The panorama mode lets you capture photos of big groups of people wider and better landscapes. Pro control buttons are also available for more precise control of every shot, living images and vids, slow motion, and rich HDR.

3.) Improved Notification System

Windows Glance Screen

The Windows 10 anniversary updates will feature a new Glance Screen. You turn the Glance Screen on your right from the Start button so you can customise your phone settings according to your preferences. Aside from the improved notification system, users will be able to browse faster with the Microsoft Edge function.

4.) Updated Windows Store

windows store

The updated Windows Store is now pinned to the Start screen of your Windows 10 phone. You can now get complete access to the new Windows Store, and enjoy tons of apps, games, and movies.

5.) Cortana Support

windows cortana

Cortana on Windows 10 will help you schedule chores and map out plans. It’s like a virtual personal assistant that will also guide you in navigating the road by giving proper directions. Cortana is far from being Siri, but it will enhance your Windows 10 mobile experience.