Which Australian bank has the best app on Windows Phone?

7 Banking on your Windows Phone in Australia

The way that people are handling their banking needs is changing very quickly. There is no longer a need to ever step foot inside of a bank. It is not even necessary to go to an ATM at the bank to get money or to do some other routine functions. It is still possible to do all of these things but they are not convenient. They require a person to travel to the bank and then stand in a line until it is their turn.

Instead of banking the old fashioned way, it is better to turn to banking by phone or mobile banking on a phone or computer. For people with Windows phones and computers there are many banks that offer great services with online banking. The key is to find the best banking app for a Windows phone.

What is needed to be the best?

In order to figure out what Australian bank has the best app for a Windows phone, it is important to figure out what is needed in the app. There are many features that should be found if an app wants to be the best:

  • Balance checks – It should be very easy to use the app to check the available balance of all of the accounts at the bank
  • Transfer funds – A good app will allow you to instantly transfer money from one account to another. This will allow you to always have the money you need available in the form that it is needed.
  • Pay someone – A bank will allow you to pay someone through the app either by email, mobile, Facebook or some other common electronic payment method
  • Pay bills – It should be possible to pay bulls using the app
  • Customer support – The app should help you get any customer support that you need or want
  • It should be free – This is a feature that a bank should offer for no cost to the consumer
  • Check deposit – The app should allow you to take a picture of a check and have it deposited into your account.

The last one is one of the most important things to consider. Mobile banking is a less costly approach to banking for everyone involved. There is no reason for a bank to charge a customer for using this type of app.

A good mobile app will be able to do just about everything that a bank teller in the bank can do. It should be able to completely replace the need for going to a bank. There can be additional features that some apps may have that include a tap and pay feature that allows you to use your smartphone to pay for things at a store that is connected to the network, but this is not as common yet.

The last thing to consider is the security of the app. It should require some form of a pin or some way for a person to safely and securely log into the app. It should also always be using a safe secure and encrypted network.

In Australia the bank that has the app that has all of these features and that is safe and secure to use is the CommBank app. It can be found on the Windows Store and downloaded to the phone. It is easy to set up and easier to use.