The Best 4 Entertaining Windows Phone Apps

Windows Mobile phones are stylish seek and look more organised and beautiful colored tiles. With so many of apps running on Android and other smartphones, windows mobile apps too are now quite popular among the fans of Windows phone like the Microsoft Lumia series.

Entertaining and gaming apps are also much in demand as users like and feel and real play experience in windows phones.

Here are the best 4 entertaining windows phone apps that you will surely love to have it in your windows device.

1. Runemals

Runemals App

Are you interested in combat games with role-playing elements, then Runemal is for you to try. Runemals is an Xbox gaming title from Game Troopers reminiscent of the Pokémon games. You are tasked with building a collection of creatures that possess elemental powers, which you train and send into battle.

You begin the game choosing between a fox-like creature, a gecko and an octopus creature as your runemal. You get a chance to explore Rune island full of adventures, defeat powerful enemies and acquire the loot. You start with monster collecting and training them in teams and making them powerful for battle.
With proper strategy you can level your teal up with new abilities and turn them into battle beasts

Combat is turned based and is a little more involved than you would find with Pokémon. Before each round of combat, you have a match-three styled puzzle to master. You have ten seconds to create as many matches as possible and your performance determines your attack energy. Battle sequences are done in waves with you facing off against a series of lesser runemals before going up against a boss Runemal.

With awesome graphics and animations you will surely like this game. This Windows Phone game does require a data connection and does support low-memory Windows Phones.

2. Prune


Who doesn’t like trees? Prune is a game about the beauty and joy of cultivation. Available for the Windows Phone , the goal is to prune your tree to promote growth.

With so easy to do things just you have to swipe your finger, grow and shape your tree into the sunlight while avoiding the dangers of a hostile world. Your initial growth will follow the direction of your swipe. For example, swiping at a slight curve to the right will cause your tree’s growth to head in that direction.

You bring life to a forgotten landscape and uncover a story hidden deep beneath the soil.
You will find a brief tutorial where you can learn how to grow a tree and prune the branches

Swiping at a branch will trim it and allow the tree to grow a little quicker. You can manipulate the direction of growth by swiping branches to the right or left to have the tree’s growth head in that direction.

Prune is a level based game and to successfully advance through the levels, your tree will need to reach the sunlight and bloom. Prune was recently awarded Time Magazine’s Best Video Game of 2015.

3. Meme Generator Suite

Meme Generator App

How about creating Memes on your windows phone?

Meme Generator Suite offers an easy, fun way to create memes. With simple interface to navigate and there are tons of meme backgrounds to choose from.

Key features of the app include:

        • Online access to 100,000s of memes plus the ability to generate memes from your own pictures.
        • Generate KEEP CALM posters and Jo Baka memes.
        • Move, resize and change the color of the text.
        • Includes an Offline Collection with more than 500 memes always ready to go!
        • Manage your Favorite memes and add or remove images from your Offline Collection.
        • Upload your images directly to Imgur (limited).
        • Share your creations online in your social networks (Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, etc.).
        • In-app purchases are available to remove the ad-support, unlock unlimited Imgur uploads and pick up the Pro Version (removes ad-support and limits to Imgur uploads).

It is a great fun and entertainment to create memes and share!

4. Digfender

DigFender App

There are enemies waiting for you Go and defend! This is what Digfender is all about. It is one of the latest defense games for windows phone to enjoy.

You have a castle to defend from wave upon wave of angry monsters but instead of battling above ground, you take the fight underground.

Digfender has two gaming modes, a 60 level Story Mode and a Survival Mode. You dig beneath your castle in search of treasure to fund your defensive units and in the process, stir up a host of goblins, ghouls and other creatures.

You can easily upgrade your defenses like ice, fire, lightning and weapons. You will love the Dig-Dug feel of the game that allows you to set the path your enemy takes and make an element of strategy to add in the game. This game on Windows phones look so bright and amazing.

Now have these apps and enjoy on your windows mobile.