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Task Management in Windows can be better

Task Management in Windows can be better


Haven’t we all used Windows Task Manager to kill a pesky application that just hangs? Task Manager has grown task management to include disk, users and network information as well, but there are other apps out there that give you even more information about what your computer is engaged in at a point in time. Even if these apps at least display the same information in ways that are easier to understand and use than Task Manager, they could be useful.

The standard Task Manager certainly has its anomalies, for example, although the first group displayed is titled “apps”, it includes processes associated with standard Windows applications as well as Windows Store apps. Microsoft has provided some tools to augment Task Manager. Process Monitor (and the advanced Process Explorer) do not just display the running processes—they also show what those processes are doing.

Security first

A task management app that has a security focus is always a good thing. Security Task Manager displays process information with an emphasis on security. The application provides a virus-scanning link and assigns a security rating to each process to help you determine which ones might be malicious. You can also Google each process, check it for viruses, comment on it, and view its properties.

More columns

If it’s more information you’re after, AnVir Task Manager Pro gives you at least two dozen additional task management columns to display. The tool also allows you access for editing your system startup.

Many of the tools built into Windows are not available in one place in Task Manager. Free Extended Task Manager adds some of those tools to the standard Task Manager functions, e.g. summary information, applications, processes, services, performance, networking, users, and port usage information.

Evolution must continue

Some of these apps are free, and the small fee for others might be worth the additional functionality and information they offer. Task Manager has evolved well with Windows 10, but one day it will be due for another overhaul, and we mean more than just changing “spoolsv.exe” to “Spooler Subsystem App”!


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