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Playing Pokies on Windows Phone? Win with These Great Tips

Playing Pokies on Windows Phone? Win with These Great Tips

Step up your pokies strategy on your Windows phone. Follow these awesome tips.

windows phone pokies

You can play pokies on your Windows phone

Most people know that you need some high level of luck to play pokies. While others think that softwares that are control online pokies are making it difficult for you to win. Either way, there’s a pattern or cycle that a software has implemented to dictate the winning odds of the game you play.

So, is there a definitive strategy that we can use? You need to understand how machine’s “winning cycle” works, this means you need to be smart in choosing a particular online pokies, the type of game to play, and most importantly, how you manage your bankroll and moderate your betting.

Let’s Pick a Game

Before choosing a game, it’s a best practice to always review its paytable before you decide which machine to play. The paytable will allow you to have the information if the symbols are wild or multipliers, the number of coins to wager in order to be eligible for major jackpots, and free spins that are usually giveaways at online casinos.

Keep in mind that 3-reel games have their paytable on the same screen as the reels, and then on 5-reel games, you need to click a button on the reels pages for the payout page to show up. In terms of choosing which game to play, also keep in mind if you’d like to have higher payouts with slimmer odds or lower payouts with frequent wins. Pick a high volatility game if you want higher winnings, and choose low volatility games for smaller yet frequent wins.

Battle of The Reels

5 Reel Pokies

It’s your choice to make if you want to play the classic 3-reel, 5-reel, or progressive type of games. Consider your budget and the gameplan you have in mind before deciding which type of game to play. It’s also a matter of what strategy works for you that will be a mix of reward and risk.

Take note of these reel specs:

For 3 Reel Games:

3 reel games with a single playline offer the best chances of winning

3 reel multi-line games have max payouts ranging from $250 to $25,000

It has lower volatility; hence, they pay often in small amounts

For 5 Reel Games:

5 reel games have bonus rounds and multipliers that increase the amount and ways to win

It can offer up to 1025 paylines which makes the number of coins you can bet is higher

5 reel games have high volatility, minimal payouts with bigger winnings

Progressive Games

Progressive games have payout rate of an average 87%

It has the highest volatility but offer life changing jackpots

Manage your Bankroll

pokies bankroll

Knowing how much the cost of playing every game per spin determines how wise you are in terms bankroll management. Always keep in mind that you need to enjoy the game without being spoiled by poor betting decisions. Find a game that allows you to set your coin value at an amount that works for you which makes you still play to the max for every spin

Looking for a game that gives you the most number of spins at the best value will make you enjoy playing pokies especially if it has a bonus features and many playlines. Always allocate a budget for every session. Moderation is the key in properly managing your bankroll. If you didn’t win a lot for a particular session, it’s a good habit not break your budget. Remember to enjoy playing pokies on your Windows phone while being smart with your bets.

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