How to Follow the Footy on your Windows Mobile – Top AFL Apps

1 AFL Info with an App

The best way to watch any Australian Football League match is live and in person. The excitem4nt of the game and the crowd is difficult to beat. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to go to the games in person. They can only see one at a time and the cost or distance may be difficult to overcome. Even when they do get to a game, the action that surrounds them could mean that they miss some of the plays or they may not be able to see the stats that the players are amassing. There is a solution to all of these problems. If you know how to follow footy on your Windows Mobile device, you can see all of the action and never miss a thing whether you actually attend a game or if you cannot get to the game.

With the right app for the Windows Mobile device it is possible to watch games live, get replays of the action that is missed, find out stats of the different games and track the scores of all of the games that are being played. There are also apps that provide live commentary of the games and provide instant access to breaking news that everyone wants to know.

The key to getting all of the footy information that you want is to get the right app for your Windows Mobile device. There are many apps, but the list below shows some of the best apps to get.

  • AFL Live Pass – This app is the official app for the AFL. It provides many great features that include highlights of the matches and press conferences. Users will also have access to many programs that have been put into the archive along with all of the stats and information about the games.
  • FootyInfo Live Scores – This app provides up to the date scores of all of the AFL games. It also has statistics from every VFL and AFL game that has ever been played. Users will get plenty of news and information from this app.
  • Goalkicker – This app may not help you watch or find out information about the AFL games. Instead it will allow you to feel the excitement of actually playing the game. It is a game for the Windows mobile that does a great job of simulating the action of the real thing and allows the user to become the hero.
  • AFL Fantasy – Fantasy sports is big and this app allows users to enjoy Fantasy Australian Football. The app allows the users to do everything they need to dominate their fantasy league.
  • AFL Updates – This is an RSS feed that provide instant updates to the games and the news that is breaking in Australian Rules football.

Fans of specific teams can also find apps that are designed for those teams. Collingwood Magpies Mania and Port Adelaide Power mania are examples of these. There is no shortage of Apps that a person can turn to if they enjoy the AFL and they can use their windows mobile device to access all of it.