How to get started with multiplayer in Xbox Live games on Windows 10 Desktop

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If you are an ardent gamer and want to use a multiplayer for new games to play on your Windows 10 desktop or laptop then you have come to the right place. Most of the PC games like Sea of Thieves or State of Decay require Xbox Live Acess to work even if you don’t own an Xbox console.

Games with Xbox Live integration utilize the Xbox platform to set up their matchmaking and multiplayer systems. So here find as how this multiplayer system works and you can enjoy the games as well on Windows 10 desktop.

As a first step before you get started with multiplayer on an Xbox Live game on Windows 10, you’ll have to set up an Xbox Gamertag for your Microsoft Account. This will provide access to the entire Xbox Live network, including multiplayer, social features and much more.

You’ll know if your game is Xbox Live enabled from the logo on the game’s store page. This means that you’ll need an Xbox Live account to sign in, and you will be able to get Xbox Live Achievements and utilize Xbox social systems found in the Windows 10 Xbox app and built into the OS.

Xbox live games

Now open the Xbox app on Windows 10 by typing “Xbox” into the Start Menu.

When you are fully signed in and can see your friends list, then close the Xbox app.

Next, open your game which you can find it easily by typing its name into the Start Menu.

Every Xbox Live PC game has slightly different features for inviting friends but all of them use the Xbox app. There are two ways of inviting friends to games:

Either you find the in-game menu option for inviting to multiplayer and Select it and simply select the friend(s) you want to join and hit confirm.

Or you can invite friends directly from the Xbox app. This should work in any situation you can’t find the specific menus in-game by opening the Xbox app on Windows 10 by finding it in your Start Menu. On the right side of the app, you’ll find your friends list. Select a friend you want to invite, or add them to your friends list first by using the search box to find their Gamertag.

How to invite friends in Xbox games

On your friend’s profile, you can now select Invite

Finally select Invite to game.

Your friend will get a notification pop-up on Xbox One in the action center.

These are the easiest ways to get multiplayer going in Xbox Live-enabled Windows 10 PC games.

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