How to block and report players on Xbox One- Know the Xbox Live’s reporting and blocking features

How to block XBox Live abusive gamers

Many a times you come to meet with rude players on Xbox one. This happens specially when you are playing multiplayer games. Xbox live unlocks the full potential of Xbox One with such gaming capabilities, social features and unlimited hours of games to explore. But with such bad players around your either want to quit the game or teach them a lesson and to counter them Microsoft provides a range of tools for evaluating, reporting, and avoiding toxic players, or flagging their content. Here’s how to make use  of these tools block or report the abusive players with Xbox Live reporting and blocking features.

If you are new to Xbox Live then know that this is Microsoft’s digital delivery service best known for its connection to online gaming on the Xbox 360 and now the Xbox One. Xbox Live has also extended beyond the Xbox consoles, with an integration in Windows gaming and Windows Phone.

Xbox Live is most beneficial under a paid subscription, with benefits including access to online multiplayer gaming, and other perks including free downloadable games every month as well as member only discounts on a selection of popular titles.

Another forward facing and popular aspect to Xbox Live is the Gamerscore. Through playing Xbox games including on Windows and Windows Phone unlocking achievements adds points to your own personal score.

To use Xbox Live’s reporting and blocking features to avoid bad players remember that Microsoft has established a set of general guidelines for Xbox Live users. Referring customers to its “Code of Conduct,” the company has provided guidance for what types of activities are considered a reportable offense. Even though the list encompasses most issues, if something isn’t on the list, it may still be reportable.

Following are common offenses punishable on Xbox Live:

  • Inappropriate profile content, including Gamertags, names, bios or locations displayed on Xbox Live. This covers those with profane language or surrounding offensive topics.
  • Unsuitable shared content, including profile pictures, clips, screenshots, and other user-created content. Sexual, violent, and controversial religious content can all fall into this category, as well as unauthorized or illegal videos.
  • Any form of cheating, including software modifications or other traceable exploitation to change experiences.
  • Inappropriate communication, including voice communication or messages.
  • Unsporting actions, including intentional team killing, bug exploitation, and other trolling methods.
  • Repeatedly quitting early from online multiplayer matches.

Read full type of rules here to report a bad gamer.

How does reporting for rude players work with Xbox One?

Xbox Live games reporting the abusive player tools

To prevent exploitation of the system, Microsoft doesn’t specifically disclose how reports are processed. Reports are handled by humans working for Xbox Live, so the outcome of reports can vary on a case-by-case basis.

As a part of its Code of Conduct, Microsoft lists a range of potential consequences for breaking its guidelines. While users posting inappropriate profile content may be forced to remove it from their profile, limited time bans can also be imposed for Xbox Live features. “Needs work” and “Avoid me” notices can also be pinned to your profile for all Xbox Live users to see. Public shaming is a powerful motivator.

For serious offenses or repeat violations, Microsoft has the right to impose total account bans. Total device bans may also be issued, preventing certain consoles from accessing Xbox Live going forward.

1. You can block a player on Xbox One

Block and report Xbox live game

When dealing with harassment or unwanted contact from Xbox Live users, the easiest way to cut off contact is by blocking the player. This will prevent all communication going forward, including messages, party chat invites, and game invites. If on your friends list, the player will also be automatically removed. To do this simply:

  • Press the Xbox button on your Xbox One controller.
  • Press LB to arrive at the People tab.
  • Select Find someone.
  • Type the player’s Gamertag. This will open their profile.
  • Select Report or block.
  • Select Block. The block will be immediately applied.

2. You can report a player on Xbox One

Xbox one reporting abusive players

To bring attention to an Xbox Live user’s misconduct, the report feature directly submits feedback to Microsoft. When submitting a report, users will be given the chance to provide specific details on the situation. If dealing with harassment from players, it is recommend following a report with a block using the steps details above.

  • Press the Xbox button on your Xbox One controller.
  • Press LB to arrive at the People tab.
  • Select Find someone.
  • Type the player’s Gamertag. This will open their profile.
  • Select Report or block.
  • Select Report.
  • Choose a reason for filing a report.
  • Type an additional comment, if needed.
  • Select Report to complete the process.

3. Report offensive content on Xbox One

How to complain about abusive players in Xbox one

Microsoft also allows reports to be filed for specific content shared via Xbox Live’s social features. By reporting content, Microsoft will review the content and act if considered necessary. Potential actions include content being removed or account suspension.

  • Press A to expand a post, screenshot or clip.
  • Select More actions in the bottom left-hand corner.
  • Select Report
  • Choose Inappropriate feed item.
  • Type an additional comment, if needed.
  • Select Report to complete the process.

Now play with ease without any worry for such gamers who pollute the gaming environment instead of having fun.