High Limit European Blackjack

High limit European Blackjack

High Limit European Blackjack from Microgaming is popular among high roller players. This is the version with the traditional European rules and the opportunity to wager up to one thousand dollars per hand.

Two standard 52-card decks with no jokers are used in this game. The cards are shuffled before each new deal. High Limit European Blackjack is a single-deck blackjack. It is allowed to wager from twenty dollars to one thousand. The croupier deals to himself one upcard. The dealer stands on any 17. It is allowed to make a double on a hard 9, 10 or 11 and prohibited to double after a split. The cards of the same rank can be split (different 10-value cards are not split). It is allowed to split once. If the dealer has a face up ace, you may take insurance against blackjack. It is not allowed to surrender.

high limit European blackjack

Players cannot double after splitting a pair and the surrender option is not available. However, the player can place an insurance bet in case the dealer gets an Ace that pays double. All other wins have an even payout except for the blackjack that pays 3:2.

Payouts in High Limit European Blackjack are traditional. The ordinary winning hand is paid 1:1. The multiplier for blackjack is 3:2. Insurance is paid according to the 2:1 ratio. High Limit European Blackjack does not offer bonus payouts also progressive jackpots are not provided in this game.