Which Microsoft Windows Phone 7, 7.5 or 8 – Side by Side Comparison

Choosing a new phone is not easy. Even if you know whether an Apple phone an Android phone or a windows phone your job is not done. In the case of the Windows phone you need to decide if you want a Windows 7 phone, a Windows 7.5 phone or a Windows 8 phone.

The different windows phones all offer some similar features, but there are also some differences. The best way to make a decision about which new windows phone is best for you is to look at them side by side. That way you can compare the phones and decide which one offers the thing that you need the most.


One of the first things that many people will notice with the Windows 8 phone is the ability to integrate Skype into their phone. Skype is one of the most popular apps for any phone. It allows people to make phone calls around the world. It allows for both voice calls and for video calls. It also allows for conference calls. The calls made over Skype do not use any of the minutes on an individual’s cell phone plan, but they do use up any available data that an individual has on their plan.

You could use Skype on the Windows 7 and 7.5, but it was done through a spate app and it had a different look than when using the phone normally. Now the Skype app is integrated into the phone and it looks the same as any other phone call that is made on the Windows 8 phone.


The windows 8 phone is easier to customize than the Windows 7 and 7.5 phones. In Windows 7.5 it became possible to pin almost any app that is desired to the home screen. That feature is still used for Window 8 phones, but now it is possible to resize the app to either make it bigger or smaller on the home screen. It is also possible to lock screen picture on the Windows 8.

Cloud compatibility

The future of all computers is the use of cloud computing. Cloud computing makes it easy to store, retrieve and share things using the internet. It makes it possible to sync all of an individual’s devices through the cloud and makes it easier to keep all of your information up to date and safe. If you change your devices, all of the information you need will be accessed through the cloud and your Microsoft account.

Windows 8 is designed to work with the cloud much easier than the previous versions. It will allow people to sync all of their devices without much effort.

In addition to all of these feature, the Windows 8 is designed to be more secure than other computers. The addition of a Kids Corner and the security that the windows wallet includes all make the Windows 8 version safer to use.

Not everyone likes Windows 8, but it is a big improvement in the Windows operating systems. It may not be perfect, but there will be upgrades such as the Windows 8.1 for phone that make it better. Eventually, it will replace the Windows 7 and 7.5 phones completely. It may take a while, but it will happen.