Simon’s Slots casino

Simon's Slots Casino

Simon’s Slots  is online virtual casino available to play with your Windows PC or mobile. This casino has awesome games full of challenges for both new and experienced players. You can enjoy pokies all in Las Vegas Style on your Windows PC ranging from classic to the new pokies games with different themes in many play modes that add a bit of a twist.

Casino Games to play

Games to enjoy at the casino

In total there are over 24 pokies machines and if you want to exercise your memory then the rhythm pokies challenge is the best free pokies game to enjoy along with other interesting and exciting games like Dubba D, Spangled 7’s, Leaving Old Vegas, Sherlock’s Search, Spoils Sparta, Fools Sparta and many others.

The pokie machines range from the old school Lucky 7 style pokies to a more modern, Glitzy Kitten designed machines. Gameplay is spread across five geographic regions of Vegas and if you run dry on gaming tokens, Simon’s Slots will provide you with free tokens every fifteen minutes. Overall, Simon’s Slots is a colorful and entertaining casino styled game for Windows PC and Phones.

Casino Game Menu

There is a settings menu that is accessible from the main menu and gaming screens. This menu provides options to return to the gaming lobby, view the game’s settings, view the pay tables for the pokies, an option to contact the developer and view the gaming credits. You do have the option to connect Simon’s Slots to your Facebook account, but this connection is not required. It will earn you a few bonus gifts and help you save your gaming progress.

Gameplay is the typical pokies machine action. You set your bet as minimum 50 credits and tap the spin button. You do have buttons to automatically bet the maximum 100,000 credits and if you tap/hold the spin button, you will send the game into auto-play.

The playing modes at the casino

While the core gaming experience with Simon’s Slots is playing the pokies, the game does have three play modes to keep you busy. Just tap the cherry cluster icon on the gaming screen to pull up the play mode menu. The Classic Mode is your basic pokies action. Tap the spin button and test your luck. The Zen and Mastery Modes are similar in that as the slot wheels spin, squares are highlighted and once everything stops, you have to tap the squares in sequence.

games mode

The Zen Mode is a more relaxed mode where you try to match as many sequences in a row. The Mastery Mode has a bit quicker pace and greater bonuses. Regardless of the mode, the more you play, the more experience you earn to advance in gaming experience. The more you win, the better your mastery becomes.

The pokies machines from each location are progressively unlocked as you advance in experience and mastery. Simon’s Slots will award you free credits, but these awards are timed as said above. Wait 15 minutes and you’ll earn 100 credits, wait thirty minutes and you earn 200 credits and so on.

While the game is listed as not requiring an internet connection, you will need a connection to download and install any machines that you unlock and want to play.

Features of Simon’s slots casino app

Simon's Slots casino app features

  • You get to play huge variety of different pokies games
  • Play at your family gatherings the holiday pokies
  • Get new addicting pokies games that are added constantly
  • Free Credit bonuses every 4 hours
  • Also exchange credits with friends
  • Get Free Spins
  • Daily and consecutive login bonuses for even more free credits

How to play Simon’s slots casino with your Windows PC or Mobile

How to play with your windows mobile or PC

To play at Simon’s slots casino with your Windows PC or mobile is very easy.

Just visit the Microsoft store and download the casino all free

You need to have a compatible windows OS device like Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1 with ARM, x86, x64 architecture and 30.68 MB – 31.22 MB space for this casino to run smoothly.

Register yourself as a new player or sign in with your facebook account and begin the show.

The main menu or lobby for Simon’s Slots will display any gaming machines from your current region or lobby, your gaming stats and an option to visit other Vegas regions for more pokies machine styles. The five lobbies available include Vegas South, Old Vegas, Vegas North, Library and Boardwalk. All totalled, the five lobbies have over twenty-four different pokies machines.

The stats running across the bottom of Simon’s pokies main menu as well as on the gaming screens includes your gaming level, mastery level and gaming credits count. The main menu also holds options to view your gaming achievements, cash in on the free gaming credits and buy credits through in-app purchases.

Note that this casino app is available at iTunes store for iOS iPhone or iPad and at Google Play for Android devices too.

Banking at Simon’s Casino

As this casino is a virtual casino hence no real money deposits are required to play games. Though this app is free to play but in case you need more credits or coins to play there are in app purchases that range from $1.99 – $99.99 for 10,000 credits up to $99.99 for 1,000,000 credits. Also your wins are credited in virtual credits at your casino accounts to play more pokies games and have fun.

Customer Support

For support you can contact Blue crystal labs or write at or write at their mailing address 631 Folsom St. #6F San Francisco, CA. 94107