Windows 10 is even more playful


Microsoft is still rolling out Windows 10 and many see it more as a matter of users rolling over to Microsoft’s intentions. The rollout is accompanied by a new promotion for its Windows Store, with more than a thousand movies, songs, apps, and games discounted down to as low as a few cents. The upgrade brings with it new games that are optimized specifically for Windows 10.

If you are an avid gamer, you may be more sensitive to tiny percentages in performance and the minor details of an operating system than an average Windows user. As a gamer, you want to optimize your system perfectly, even though each new feature may mean more overhead.

As with any major OS update, Windows 10 has many new features. Although a number of them are focused on improving gaming performance, not all of them will make gamers rush towards a Windows 10 upgrade right away.

Share the fun

Apart from new games and potential performance improvements, Windows 10 also gives you more ways to play between devices. Now you can play and connect with gamers across Xbox One and other Windows 10 devices.

You can stream your Xbox One games to any Windows 10 PC in your home. The updated Xbox app for Windows 10 brings the Xbox One’s Game DVR feature to the desktop.

When enabled, the Xbox app will keep the last thirty seconds of gameplay in a 30 fps, 720p video file, so at any point you can hit the button and quickly save a clip of everything that just happened. This means that you can record and share your most epic gaming moments.

What’s with DirectX?

The move from DirectX 11 optimized games to DirectX 12 has reportedly resulted in between 85% and 300% performance boosts and this is what gamers will be interested in. Only Windows 10 users will have access to DirectX 12 on their systems, making it a very good reason for gamers to upgrade.

Unfortunately, a game has to be specifically written for DirectX 12 and this has had a slow uptake with the Windows 10 launch. There is a variety of new hardware-enabled features in DirectX 12 that most modern cards don’t support yet. Because it uses all processor cores, DirectX 12 should also use a lot less power, as it distributes the load across multiple cores.

So, it seems the chief beneficiaries may be gamers running older multicore hardware. Performance gains with DirectX 12 will be greater the slower the CPU is. It confirms how important it is to activate all those idle cores in a machine.

If we take the example of a Core i5 processor, which is Intel’s mid-range CPU series, with a decent video card one should actually see a bigger performance gain than with a Core i7 high-end processor.

Do not get too excited

While scores will vary between different games and benchmarks for different versions of Windows, the variances are not significant.

Chances are you won’t notice a difference, positive or negative, in performance. Many factors could be causing performance differences: driver upgrades, different background tasks using up CPU cycles, etc. Overall, Windows 10 is not going to change pure performance that much.

Gaming on Windows 10 will not be much different from gaming on Windows 8, except for that array of new games that you can dive into.