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Windows 10 gets new set of features

Windows 10 gets new set of features

Windows 10 Ink

Microsoft is relentlessly continuing its evolution of Windows 10 and announced details of new features at its recent Build conference. The OS is due for a major upgrade, called the Anniversary Edition.

Inking it

Those who use the Ink feature will find using it easier, starting with not having to unlock the device when using it. Sticky notes will be available, which can be automatically translated into appointments and reminders in Calendar. Highlighted markups in documents will become neater, aligned with the text. Drawing a straight line will become easy and accurate with the aid of a Digital Ruler.


We all want technology to make our lives easier and personalization is a good place to start. Applications should know our habits, location and past usage patterns in order to be useful. Cortana will assist other apps to execute tasks automatically, e.g. based on a user’s location or the time of day. Voice control of Cortana will become possible without having to log into Windows.

Platform boundaries disappearing

In line with expectations that boundaries between platforms will disappear, Android device notifications will be shown in Windows 10. This is accomplished with the aid of the Cortana Android app.

Still on Edge

As planned by Microsoft, Edge will acquire additional extensions, including the Translator with no less than fifty languages, and support for mouse gestures. Another improvement to Edge will be the ability to pin favorite sites and apps so they are always open in the browser.

On the map

New features and improvements to its UI and performance are coming for the Map application. New features include single tap access to directions and search functions, labels for search results, the ability to view multiple searches and directions simultaneously, and turn-by-turn directions that are communicated to Cortana.

Microsoft is sticking to its plans with enhancements to Windows 10 and seems to take it one day at a time with rolling them out. Trickling the updates does feel a little like continuously dangling a carrot, but hopefully it means Microsoft is carefully weighing up the benefits of each improvement and prioritizing them accordingly.


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